Masco Asia Volunteers Visit Masco School of Hope

August 30, 2012

Ma schoolofhope 300x220

The Masco School of Hope is located in China's Guizhou Province. Masco Asia volunteers helped provide funding to construct this much-needed facility, the replacement for a crumbling, 40-year-old structure that previously housed the region's elementary school.

The new venue is up and running! From June 15-18, 2012, ten volunteers from Masco Asia paid a visit and saw for themselves how it's providing students a better, safer environment in which to learn. The grant money also has given the school a chance to give students nutritious meals, in addition to clothing, stationery, and other supplies, as well as physical education and musical instruction, English lessons, and more. All these efforts are helping to nourish body and soul, and are offering the children – as stated in the school's own name – hope. 

Click here to view a presentation that makes clear the profound impact of this project.